Baltasar Slumpvis is a University student majoring in Physical Education at Sim U. As a young college student the world should be full of unlimited possibility, the world at his doorstep but a letter in the mail is about to change all of that!

Welcome to the Totally Random Slumpvis Legacy! This is a 10 Generation Legacy following the Random Legacy rules found here. To make things even more challenging I am also playing by the regular Legacy rules. Once Baltasar graduates he will be starting out on an empty lot with only $1,300 in starting funds.

The optional goals that I have chosen are:

Remember the Past –┬áHistorians document the famous faces of the past, and your family doesn’t want to be forgotten. Create a portrait of each of your 10 heirs and hang them within your house. These portraits can be painted, sculpted, or photographed.

Hall of Fame– Your family’s accomplishments are so important that they deserve a house of their very own. Create a museum that catalogs the achievements of your legacy family. For each heir, create one portrait (painting, sculpture, or photograph) and hang it in the museum. Also, display and showcase your heirs’ various accomplishments from their high school diplomas to their achievement awards (certificates of level 10 skills and career related trophies). If your heir has created any masterpieces in their line of work or relating to their hobbies, these can also be added to the museum. For example, if your Sim is an author, add a bookshelf to the museum to hold all their novels, or if they were an artist hang up a few of their paintings. Along with their portrait, each heir needs to be somehow represented within the museum. This can be related to your heir’s career (as explained earlier) or their hobbies or traits.

The museum must be built on a lot outside your Sim’s home. It can be as small or large as you wish, but must be created (or at least started) before your fourth generation takes over.

I am extremely excited to play the Random Legacy challenge and I hope that you enjoy reading as much as I love playing it!


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